Project Free TV in 2020

Project Free TV is a great form of entertainment for you to combat boredom or stress after a long day at work. The website comes with a user-friendly interface and many categories, providing exciting movies and TV shows for free.

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About Project Free TV


Not only does Project Free TV provide many movie options, but it is also one of the most useful websites for streaming videos. You will find a lot of different types of programs on the website, but the most popular one is streaming TV shows. Besides, the website is completely free to use and easy to navigate.

The website provides excellent quality videos and outstanding features. Additionally, you have the option to save the videos so that you can watch later. Its features make it easy for you to search for movies and TV shows, from old TV shows to newest blockbusters for your entertainment.

Moreover, the site and its content are free for you to watch, however, keep in mind that Project Free TV does not host any of them. It is a useful searching tool when you are looking for any movie or show.

Features of ProjectFreeTV

The main reason why this website is so popular and desirable is because it comes with a lot of attractive features. They keep viewers coming to the site and stay with it.

  • Programs: Project Free TV has many different types of programs. Everything from long feature films to TV and web series is available here.
  • Interface: The website has an easily manageable interface, making it comfortable for users to navigate. Additionally, it has a visually placed search area and different categories.
  • Icons of content: All the icons are big and showcase the information you need to know about the movie or the show. You will know the ratings, the excerpt, and many more just by scrolling over these icons.

Besides, you can choose a movie or a show based on the genres of the content, trending, featured, top-rated, and other such options. There are additional links that you can use to stream the movies or shows.

Categories on ProjectFree TV

The categories with details on the website make it easy to find what you are searching for. When it comes to the types of movies, we tend to look at the genres. This method of classification helps you find the movies quicker and makes a well-designed collection. Take a quick look on the site, you will see different shows, in the following categories.

  1. History: This type of movie allows you to travel back to the past. Some must-watch movies are When Hitler stole Pink rabbit, Rising Free, Forbidden History, Lost Worlds, and more.
  2. Drama: Most girls are interested in drama. Some popular shows like I am thinking of ending things, I Still Believe, Grey’s Anatomy, etc are available on the website.
  3. Horror: You will be satisfied with creepy and bone-chilling movies like Evil Under the Skin, The Stalker, The Grudge, You’re not alone, The Invisible Man, Escape Room, etc.
  4. Family: If you enjoy having quality time with your families, sit down with them and watch shows and movies on Project Free TV. There are some hits that you all can enjoy like Abominable, The Pacifier, We Bought A Zoo and Pikachu.
  5. War: As a fan of war movies, you can’t miss out on some great ones on this site like 1917, Mulan, Rescue Dawn, Battlefield Earth, and many others.
  6. Thriller: Some movies like Monos, Spencer Confidential, Searching will make you excited with anticipation.
  7. Science Fiction: This exciting genre includes some of the biggest blockbusters like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Invasion, etc.
  8. Romance: This is a good idea for a date night with your special one. Some great movies to enjoy like Ophelia, Long Shot, Let It Snow, etc.
  9. Animation: This genre reminds you about your childhood, and it is entertaining to watch with your children. You can look for Kung-Fu Panda, Shrek, Despicable Me, and many more on the site.
  10. Action: If you are interested in getting a dose of adrenaline, then select some awesome programs such as Charlie’s Angels, Mulan, Captain Marvel, Bumblebee, etc.
  11. Comedy: This genre will make you happy and relaxed. Get ready to laugh out loud with TV shows and films like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, Katy Keene, etc..
  12. Crime: Are you a fan of crime movies, or are you interested in cops and criminals? On Project Free TV, you can find the best of them such as A Killer Uncaged, Monster, Only the Animals, etc.
  13. Adventure: You can explore more with this genre. Enjoy your adventure watching some famous movies like The Lion King, Monster Hunters, The Day After Tomorrow, Troy, etc.
  14. Mystery: Some shows like Manifest, Lost Girls, The Closet will attract fans of mystery genres.
  15. Fantasy: Relax your mind and immerse in a fantasy world with many interesting shows like Guardian of the Palace, Aladdin, Harry Potter series, Stranger Things, etc.

Why should you entertain with Project Free TV?

When it comes to watching and streaming videos, Project Free TV is the best website. Not only does it showcase plenty of videos from other streaming sites, but it is also free of cost. More importantly, the site does not betray copyright factors.

Basically, Project Free TV doesn’t host any video, it is a bridge that leads you to other sites where the video actually is. You will go to the site, select the show you want to watch and the site will redirect you to another page. This can cause some issues, so if you don’t like how it works, there are many alternative sites for you to entertain.

Project Free TV is a good option to release stress and have a good time with many content for entertainment. The search engine makes it easy for you to find your favourite movies or shows. With the website, you can sit back and enjoy the show wherever you are, at home or outside!

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