Rick And Morty - Season 4

Rick And Morty - Season 4

Watch Rick And Morty - Season 4 online free. With duration 23 min minutes, Rick And Morty - Season 4 movies streamed at 123movies; This movie is in the category:Comedy,Adventure,Animation by the director Dan Harmon Justin Roiland. Here is the movie summary:

Rick And Morty Season 4 is coming back with a brand new appearance. Let’s explore the factors that create resounding success for this season! Many people believe that animation is a movie for children, with funny pictures and cute educational content. Well, Rick And Morty's filmmaker doesn't is something that will change that mindset. Rick and Morty revolves around the Smith couple with their two children named Summer and Morty, Rick's father - a mad scientist who is addicted to alcohol and also proposed to use the family garage as a research room. Rick and Morty are originally astronauts, often traveling to other planets by special means. The adventures of the two protagonists help the audience discover more different versions of entities that exist in the multiverse. After three very successful seasons, Rick and Morty has already come back for the fourth season on November 18, 2019. Hailed as one of the most successful animated adult series, Rick and Morty is a cartoon series that seems to be made up of all the crazy things you can think of. From time travel, parallel universes to the craziest scientific theories, Rick and Morty is packed with the amm . The protagonist of the endless adventures is a drunken grandfather but genius Rick Sanchez and poor grandson Morty - shy and a somewhat nice kind  but always gets dragged into dangerous situations all thanks to his gramps. The very highlights of the film are Rick's sarcasm and bloody scenes. Another signature feature of the series is that each episode ends in a very sorrowful trauma for Morty and the audience. This adult cartoon series comes with all the key scientific concepts and many important knots. In addition to the violent scenes, the film also leaves behind profound messages. There are episodes that will make you pensive about the meaning of life and realize how small in the universe we are. Season 4 was considered to be the shortest season of Rick And Morty as it was announced on the internet that only 5 episodes would be released. This led to wrath for fans because they have had to wait for two years. Many fans showed their anger on social media like Facebook or Twitter expressing their disappointment and even satirized that they would have to wait for another 2 years for the next seasons! However, the truth turns out that actually Season 4 has 10 episodes, which are divided into 2 broadcasts. The first five episodes will be publicly aired in 2019 and the rest will hopefully come to the screen in 2020. It has been 2 years since season 3 was released. The long wait made fans expect a lot for the first episode of season 4 and this first episode does not disappoint the fans. Finally, Episode 1 of Season 4 has been released to the audience with the title “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat”. Although still presented with the familiar style of the series, the first episode offers a profound lesson for viewers: "contentment with the present". Different from previous seasons, in this first episode, the audience can clearly see the change of some of Rick's responsibilities in the Smith family home. The film ends with breaking the wall scene which may literally mean that Rick and Morty season 4 promises to continue to bring high-quality pranks. Rick and Morty are caught up in the comprehensive snake fight after a snake in space bites Morty.  Jerry tries to prove he can hang the Christmas lights without losing his life. These all are the most memorable scenes of Rick and Morty episode 5. The sound of the snake hissing and slithering frighten and delight viewers at the same time. The final episode of the first part has evoked great expectations for the unreleased part of the series.  Violence and profanity remained: Rick and Morty has many scenes contain graphic violence and vulgar language. But this madness together with a thrilling storyline and the message of "ruining childhood" has made the adventure of Rick and Morty one of the most successful animated series. In Season 4, these features are still maintained and promoted. For example, in episode 4, Rick reluctantly accepts Morty's wish of having a pet like a dragon and from here many mysterious and strange things appear, leading to everything ends in chaos and tons of deaths. I believe that Rick and Morty, especially Season 4, are an adult cartoon series that belongs to the sci-fi genre that everyone likes. The plot touches on topics from which films have rarely been mentioned so far. At the same time, the film also reveals the accidental, cruel truths of life for the small, fragile human. Sometimes, ordinary movies have ridiculous details but we still accept them and this is repeated so many times that we forget the realities of everyday life when watching movies. It would be good to think the same way, but if this keeps on going, then we will not develop because everyone assumes everything has been like that, and nothing can be changed. Rick and Morty break that kind of thinking by putting everyday life logic into the storyline. Even in the opening, we see a lot of interesting adventures that have never been shown in the movie which help us  get a new kind of thinking: the characters in the series also have a private life that we can't see, whether we watch it or not, those characters continue to live. Final thought, Rick and Morty Season 4 conveys the message of ephemeral life and leaves much thought for viewers. But believe us! You will definitely enjoy the fascinating whirlpool with dramatic stories that the series brings. Enjoy it and make sure you are above 16!

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Genre: Comedy , Adventure , Animation

Actor: Kari Wahlgren, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer

Director: Dan Harmon Justin Roiland

Country: United States

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD 720


IMDb: 9.3