Moviesflix – All Things You Need to Know about it

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Despite strict rules and trademark laws laid down by the government, India is the most popular country that has most citizens watching pirated content. So, where did they watch?

Yes, Moviesflix is one of the websites that allow people to watch movies and download them at no cost. It sounds interesting, does not it? Well, today, we will walk you through all things you need to know about Moviesflix.

About Moviesflix

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1. Introduce Moviesflix:

Moviesflix is ​​a notorious website created for the illegal online distribution of movies and various OTT series. The site offers a variety of illegal online content, such as movies or videos, to free internet users.

Due to the enacted policies, using the website to support non-license movies is considered illegal. Therefore, in India's areas, this website is restricted, but it is still operating under different domain names to continue illegal activities.

Like other pirated movie sites, Moviesflix uses Google's servers to store and stream copyrighted movies for free. Site owners will spend a little amount of money buying Google Drive accounts with unlimited student capacity at a very low storage price. But this only works for a while until Google is forced to take preventative measures.

Moreover, the above method also incurs costs and does not guarantee their stability because Google also has a privacy system to block links with abnormally increased traffic. So the website decided to switch to using Facebook's server instead of Google.

2. Criminal charges:

High prices, low-income levels, and high living standards are factors that lead to piracy. For a long time, India has viewed piracy as a major challenge to the film industry's development.

The act of showing non-copyright content for free online violated Intellectual property rights. When the audience is watching the movie with no license, it is illegal. Similarly, these rules are also applied when users download free content or documentary files of unknown origins.

But so far, there are no charges against the publishing activity of Moviesflix. That's really good for those who are using this platform for watching and downloading movies.

3. How popular is Movieslix:

According to, a website that statistic the traffic flow of websites, Moviesflix has a global Alexa Rank of 21,999. This ranking is based on data collected from users with the Alexa toolbar installed and some other sources. The Global Alexa Rank has shown that the average number of Moviesflix access has risen from 479,913 to 24,280 over the last three months. In addition, also gives data that 6.3% of pages on Moviesflix are browsed daily with 5.50 minutes onscreen every day. (This information was last updated on April 9, 2020).

The variety of Movies on Moviesflix

movies and drama

Movies suggestions 2020

1) Sections and genres:

"Pirated" websites like Movieslix do know how to please the audience when posting a lot of content that does not appear on mainstream channels because they have not been copyrighted or broadcast late. All content is available and can be accessed easily on Android / iOS phones, Internet TV, huge, high-quality copyright movies, and bring a pleasing experience to users.

Moviesflix comes in diversity in movies and videos, including different genres such as animation, comedy, music, many exclusively produced attractive programs, suitable for all ages. Focusing mainly on the Asian market, Moviesflix has a majority of Asian films from Korea, China, or popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies. This requires no charges whatsoever.

2) Movies leaked by Moviesflix

In 2019, Moviesflix published some of the most well-known movies ever, from the artwork that won the Oscar - Parasite by Bong Joon Ho to block-busters movies such as Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, Bad Boys for Life, or children's most beloved character Dr.Dolittle. Not only does it show theatre movies, but Moviesflix also released exclusive series from different networks such as Netflix's Moneyheist and Ozark or HBO's Game of Thrones, which has more than 7 billion hits to download in 2015.

Moviesflix distributed all of these movies on the exact days of its legal release, bringing the audience the best experience without paying any cent.

How to download movies on Moviesflix:

Moviesflix is one of the online movie-watching sites that allow users to download movies and video content to their own devices. Users of Movies can find many movie download servers so they can change and choose the most suitable server to download movies.

  1. Step 1: Users visit the website Moviesflix and then navigate to the movie you want to download. The website contains a variety of different film categories, such as comedy, romance, action movies, or choose movies by country.
  2. Step 2: Click into the movie that you want to download. The website will take you to the interface of the movie, where you will see basic information such as actors, genre, director, the length of the film, resolution. In the movie's avatar, there are three options offered: Download, Trailer, and Watch movie.
    Press “Trailer” first if you want to have a glance of what the movie is for, or just click the Download button right away.
  3. Step 3:The download link will be shown with the narration server or the subtitle server if you need. The system will ask the user to enter the security code, and then the last thing you need to do is click "Get the download link." Now, wait and enjoy the full movie.

Estimate worth of Moviesflix:

The main revenue of Moviesflix comes from huge viewership, online advertising contracts, and cost. According to a price list attributed to the website, advertising videos that run before the movie shows and allows users to turn off after 5 seconds can reach 18 million / week. Simultaneously, balloon ads with a size of 800 × 500 also have a quote of 10 million / week. Besides, the big surrounding ad boxes also cost up to 25 million/ week, and each ad view at the beginning of the episode will also bring the channel 20,000/person/ad.

Statistics from, a website that provides in-depth information about the value of a website, shows that Moviesflix has an estimated cost of about 1,472,800 US dollars. Moreover, Moviesflix makes 343,080 USD of profit per year just by offering advertising content only. This total revenue does not take into consideration any influence on the profit of the worldwide film profit.

In conclusion

"Pirated" movies content may violate the law of Intellectual copyrights. But there is no denying that it brings the audience, especially for those who can not afford high payment for legal content online, likely accessing the world of movies. Many users favor it because of huge and attractive movie warehouses such as Netflix movies, blockbuster movies, crime movies, Disney movies, sci-fi movies, dramas, comedies, Korean films, cartoons, horror films, documentaries, and so on

I hope that you now understand more about Moviesflix and how it works. Thank you for reading, and don't forget to share this piece of information with your friends and family.


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