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Mallumv? For those not knowing this word beforehand, this name strikes us as a mysterious impression at first sight. Obviously, this strange name bears no meaning to have a guess.

Additionally, an overwhelming variety of questions may spring to your mind like how it works, why it is illegal for instance. Here we will give you the straight-to-the-point answers for all your inquisitions. Just keep scrolling our article to find out what Mallumv is.

What Is Mallumv?

Primarily, it is an online webpage that works as a movie sharing center, typically the Mallumv Malayalam movies and Mallumv English series. At the same time, this website also provides a whole range of Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and English films for downloading. Hollywood films are also there to name.

It is considered a piracy website because it gives the audience all online movies for free. Illegal as it is, this website still provides its users the HD quality of an extensive list of both old and newly-launched films.

What calls for special attention is that all films come to customers at an unbelievable speed and with various languages. This kind of convenience has attracted thousands of users visiting this outlawed web regularly.

Watch movies online Free

Mallumv website

What Are The Main Features?

1. Movie Genres

Mallumv leaks the official movies without permission on its website. The list below will show you all kinds of movies users can illegally watch when visiting this site.

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Web series
  • TV series

2. Available Languages

Needless to say, the main language of this website is Malaysian as the head office of this page located here. As a result, the latest films will have the Malaysian subtitles at the very first. A wide range of languages, such as English, Indian, Philippines, etc., then will be added later on.

Similar to other illegal websites, Mallumv contains a huge number of advertisements since it is the main source of revenue for the company. Of course, the advertising language is English for most people to understand it.

The more Internet users access this web, the more advertising cost customers receive. This strategy is quite popular among Internet businessmen.

3. Movie Quality

Some people tend to hold a misconception that all piracy websites contain bad quality films. Contrary to that belief, Mallumv gives viewers a completely different thought by supplying all clear and high-quality movies.
Though most movies here are Hollywood and Bollywood, which have all copyright , they all have the best quality. You could choose whether to watch or download the movies depending on your purpose.

  • Full Movie HD
  • Full Movie 360p
  • Full movie 720p
  • Full movie 480p HD

4. Movie File Size

Depending on the accessing speed of your phone or laptop, you can choose to download various sizes of your favorite movies. There are 4 typical file sizes for you to consider.

  • 300MB
  • 600MB
  • 2GB
  • 4GB

2GB Movie

2GB movie

When Can Viewers Get The Updated Files?

It has been an age-old question on how much time viewers have to wait for their films. This is nearly the main criterion when customers choose the website for downloading.

The more updated the website, the more chance of success they will gain. Thus, it becomes like a race among website creators who bear the same ambition of dominating the whole online movie market.

When it comes to the website, it gots that way. Right after release in the theaters, Mallumv does piracy of the movie and uploads the link on their illegal website within several minutes. What calls for special attention is that we may get shocked when seeing some blockbusters even streaming at the same time period with the theater, let alone the films having no copyright law.

Mallumv, as well as FMovies or Filmywap, is a type of outlawed webpages. Anyone having the intention of copying or downloading the movie content on these web under whatever conditions is committing a crime. As a result, those people have to serve a penalty as well. The heaviest fine could be imprisonment. Bear in mind these warnings so as not to make any regretful mistakes.

Where To Visit Other Links?

It goes without saying that a big website always has numerous links accompanied by it. This does work with Mallumv. Though all these links may contain dangerous viruses to users, they could get whatever films they want which are all free of charge. Here are other links you may want to know:

  • Mallumv us
  • Mallumv PW
  • Mallumv net
  • Mallumv com

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How To Approach The Mallumv

As mentioned above, downloading any source of data on an illegal website is prohibited. However, there are still many people tempted to visit this website. Now we will show you some instruction on this.

First and foremost, before directly jumping into downloading the movies, you need to get a VPN first.

We guess that a VPN is the most secure way to do as it prevents strangers from stealing your personal information like the IP address, for instance. You could download the VPN on your mobile phone or laptop through google play or other similar apps.

After that, install a VPN on your phone. This takes several minutes to totally operate. Then, open the VPN software and select an IP address. Remember that this IP address must be in the country that Mallumb is legally accepted.

Finally, visit any links we mentioned above and take your time. All free films will be available for you to watch or download with no fee charged.

Which Websites Can Replace The Mallumv?

Obviously, it is a great website but it is not the best. When comparing with other webs, it could have many great advantages but weakness still exists. We could not guarantee that all viewers opt for Mallumv as their optimal choice. There are still a lot of alternatives you could spare a thought for.

Reasons For The Popularity Of This Webpage

In the competitive downloading market, thousands of websites with various strategies to promote their reputation. About Mallumv, what makes it different? what makes its name come to many users?.

Most of us may wonder about these questions? Let's take a look at these detailed explanations.

Provides the top best movies

Any films which are just released in the theater are available on this web within several minutes. This unbelievable speed makes this web fighting against other opponents.

Moreover, those films are Hollywood or Bollywood ones which attract thousands of fans desiring to watch them. Other related good movies then exist in their recommendation taggings. Consequently, a great number of viewers will visit this website in the long run.

Gives us various types of HD quality

Each user has their own desire for the film quality depending on the Internet data they have. In fact, some quality like the 1080p is beyond their downloading ability as it required a huge amount of data. In turn, viewers have a chance to enjoy the best of the film with great screen quality.

On the other hand, Mallumv still provides the 360p and the 720p which could cater to all users. Those with fewer data could download the movies they want easily thanks to these various options.

Site exploration

When visiting this site, downloading is your main purpose but we are sure that lots of users will take time visiting many more beforehand.

For example, viewers who don't know what film to take, they may click on the mood options and choose films according to their feelings. Or else, many attractive film advertisements may make you change your mind about the film to look for.

Easy interface to use

We make sure that you will never struggle in dealing with finding a suitable place to download your videos. There are step-by-step instructions shown on the screen to let you follow.

Of course, all these steps are quite easy and take no effort at all. Also, some symbols like the downloading buttons are really outstanding and users may see them right at the first sight.

Why The Mallumv Get Blocked At Times?

This is illegal and the way it gets blocked is comprehensible. In most countries, the outlawed websites will be deleted according to the law. Especially, the head office of Mallumv is in India where the copyright matter is of great concern.

When you search this web online, there are some faults that exist, which force the web to collapse. At this time, there is no use in trying to find them as it has been blocked by the government or other authorized offices.

Website blocked

Blocked website

Is It Illegal To Watch The Movies On Mallumv?

To be honest, there is no proper answer to this question. To our moral awareness, it is obviously unlawful to watch the movies from the websites that did piracy to build it.

Any kinds of actions like watching or downloading are all beyond the rule. On the contrary, to some people, it is not worth serving a fine on watching or downloading pirated movies as it causes no severe effect on others.

The second one is totally a misconception. They should spare a thought for all the producers or filmmakers since they had to invest a lot of time and effort in making the film. They also have to work to earn profit to make their living. The way you watch pirated movies may reduce a little bit their profits but if thousands of people do like that, their work will come to nothing.

On the other hand, according to the law, watching films on the pirating web is banned. However, depending on the country you are living in, you may serve a different fine. Some regions even have no law on this aspect. Thus, watching films on Mallumv as well as other pirating webpages is regarded as illegal or not depending on the law of your own region.

In Conclusion

Now we bet that you have gained a thorough knowledge of the website Mallumv. We advise you not to visit this web in order not to lose any confidential personal information. Or else, if you still access this app, bear in mind all warnings we have mentioned above.