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Posted 09-21-2020 0

Watching an endless number of movies for free on the Internet might seem intriguing, but keep in mind that this would inevitably hurt the movie’s producers' income in the long run. Yet, several streaming sites still exist to facilitate this, allowing you to watch both international and domestic flicks illegally. And Hubflix is one of them.

Hubflix - A Movieholic’s Best Friend

About Hubflix

Being just one of the many same kinds of illegal movie streaming sites, Hubflix offers a wide variety of films and movie series spread across various genres. Most of these contents come with English subtitles and can be streamed directly from Hubflix, though torrents are also available for offline viewers.

While it is certainly easy to find Hollywood movies on this site just as with any others, Hubflix stood out for having a comprehensive library of Indian films, which caters very well to its large number of Indian viewers.

Understanding the huge Bollywood industry and its audience, Hubflix has supported movies made across the Indian subcontinent for a long time. Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Kannada movies are some of the languages shown on Hubflix. This includes not just native language movies but also subtitles expertly prepared by the site.

Free movies

Movies offered by Hubflix

Many streaming websites have the same problem of not providing the highest watching quality for its viewers. Hubflix, on the other hand, offers high-quality HD movies for all of its content. When using the online watching features, the viewers can get a stable 360 - 720p and still experience little lag.

Leaked movies also prove to be a Hubflix’s strong point and nourish the site’s popularity and perhaps, notoriety. Previously, Netflix’s Original series have been leaked here as soon as they are premiered, thus depriving Netflix a lot of its potential income. Other movies have also been put on target and illegally shown right after their release.

Regardless of the country of origin, newly-produced movies and series can often be found on the site within as little as 3 days. Versions with subtitles can also be found on Hubflix very quickly, and while they are oftentimes amateurishly made, they prove sufficient for the audience to enjoy.

Estimated worth of Hubflix

Though it might seem counterintuitive that a free streaming website can produce any profit at all, websites like Hubflix acquire their income through selling advertisement space and allowing them to run on their site.

With nearly 20 million visits per year across its page, Hubflix garners about 230 thousand USD in ad revenue. These statistics might even undercut its true total income, considering the growing number of viewers daily.

latest interface

Hubflix's latest user interface

Furthermore, the statistics mentioned above have only listed the estimated ad revenue of Hubflix, for and other similar websites have put the total value of Hubflix at a little more than 1.2 million USD.

Daily pageviews and traffic, coupled with ad revenue are the main factors contributing to Hubflix’s huge net worth.

Other sites like Hubflix

Hubflix is not alone in its lone movie-piracy ways, for there are countless other similar sites like this, giving the viewers a wide range of sources to watch and download movies for free from. Sites with varying quality and diversity such as 123movies, Movies4u, 1337x, Tamilyogi, Moviesda, and so much more.

It is evident that by perusing these sites, one can easily find the movies or series they want without paying for anything.

Additionally, in order to avoid getting copyright-stroke by movie companies, there are a number of Hubflix-clone sites that are essentially identical to that of Hubflix, but registered under slightly different names. By changing the site’s URLs frequently into variants of,,, and the likes, administrators of the site have been able to continue posting and streaming movies illegally for years.

Things to keep in mind while using Hubflix

Always remember that Hubflix is a pirate movie site and is regarded as illegal in many countries, especially in its own country of origin, India. According to the Copyright Act of 1957 passed by the Government of India, violation of copyright law can result in up to 3 years of jail time, alongside a fine of up to 200000 Rupees.

In other parts of the world, Copyright Laws also exist to protect intellectual properties such as movies and music from piracy. Thus, the access and usage of sites such as Hubflix can cause potential legal issues that will eventually cost more money than if the user would just buy the rights to see it outright.

Legal problems aside, it is common that sites like Hubflix and other movie streaming services be riddled with ads and spyware. Due to the site selling ads to keep operating, viewers will be overwhelmed with them very quickly. Advertisement blocking or filtering softwares are almost a must to be able to use these sites. Some sites have tied their video playing functions with ads, however, so keep that in mind.

Spywares and ransomwares are also rampant on Hubflix. Due to the torrenting and downloading nature of the site, users can easily be confused between fakes and real download links. At times, these can prove impossible, for clicking into a fake link almost certainly guarantees a malware being installed or plugged onto their computer.

In addition to that, user security is nowhere near as well-protected as other official streaming services. One can be sure to have their personal data recorded and stolen from these sites. Always remember the saying “If the product is free, then you the user is the product”.


Hubflix certainly is convenient when it comes to providing free movies for streaming and watching. With its wide variety, constant update, and user-friendly UI, Hubflix is certainly one of the most popular streaming services out there.

But when accessing their sites, it’s always worth remembering the legality of movie piracy, and the potential harm to your personal data security.