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People nowadays spend most of their time accessing the Internet to work, study, or entertain. Watching movies is one of them.

However, most legal movie sites offer payment for their services, and some people do not want to be charged for that. That's why free streaming domains, like 9xmovies, come into play and take advantage of Internet users.

So if you access 9xmovies.com for the first time, the information below may draw your attention. Here, we will reveal some of the advantages and the drawbacks of 9xmovies.

What is 9xMovies?

9xmovies gained its reputation for allowing users to download the latest movies while they are in the movie theatres, especially Bollywood movies. This illegal site has a massive number of viewers all over the world, and the user number keeps rising constantly.

9xmovies site

9xmovies offers various Indian movies

9xmovies provides its audiences with a wide range of movie genres to watch for free. With the quickest uploading movies systems, this platform provides its customers all kinds of high-quality movies. And if you are an avid fan of blockbusters and fanatic South Indian movies, this site is your “paradise on Earth.”

Is It Illegal To Stream On 9xmovies?

  • Nobody has ever been accused of illegally downloading movies yet due to the widespread usage all over the world. However, in theory, they can face jail sentences for illegally streaming movies.
  • According to the law of some countries, downloading movies from pirated platforms is regarded as a criminal act. People in countries like India can be convicted to jail or have to pay the fine of up to 200.000 rupees, for example.
  • In recent years, legal streaming sites and some copyright owners are trying hard to shut down free movie streaming sites to recover lost revenues. Solving illegal sites can have a more considerable impact than going after individual distributors.
  • So with the advanced technology of 2020, tracking back to the IP address is no longer impossible, so people who stream movies can get caught easily and pay the price for that. It is not worth taking the risk.

What Are The Features Of 9xmovies?

Besides offering movies in various categories, this free streaming site also gains popularity for some outstanding characteristics below:

  • The site includes a wide range of movie categories that you can freely search for your needs. They usually have Bollywood movies, Hindu dubbed movies, and other Indian films as well. However, you can check the latest Hollywood blockbusters and other countries’ films as soon as it reaches the movie theatres.

  • The search bar is right at the top corner of the site that performs accurate results for the movies you are looking for.

  • 9xmovies makes it easy for customers to get access to and navigate. The platform is supported by a fast hosting service system, which is quick and high processing speed when streaming videos.

  • Downloading or watching online are both acceptable. 9xmoves also makes it more convenient when adding subtitles or dubbing the original movies.

Analysis results Google Trends around the world about 9xMovies in the last 12 months

Results of interest to search by region

What Are The Best Alternatives For 9xMovies?

The fact that 9xmovies steals the contents of copyright owners can be tracked down at any time. The owners can block illegal domains, which makes it difficult for customers to watch their favorite movies.

Because of that, many back-up sites have appeared to solve the problem and continue their business. We have found some best duplications for 9xmovies. Let’s look at those best options to watch movies freely, which are:

1. DownloadHub.com

This pirated site is well known for illegally streaming and downloading movies in many qualities. The qualities can be from 360p to 1080p, or even full HD. One of the significant features of that site is that it offers 300MB of unlawful movies where you can download and save your videos for free.


DownloadHub.com is another illegal movie source

On the other hand, this site also owns a Dual Audio function comprising various language recordings, which make it super convenient for customers to enjoy movies in their mother language.

The only drawback is that this site usually redirects you to advertising websites, which can become an eyesore when you want to watch a movie.

2. FilmyWap.com

Like many other sites, this one provides a high-speed platform to watch movies. Both PC and mobile can be accessible. There are a lot of current illegal sites that are available for streaming films, so why Filmywap?

First of all, there is a wide range of Hindi and foreign movies that can be found on Filmywap, and most of them are dubbed in other languages. How convenient it is to watch your favorite films in your mother tongue!


Filmywap.com present many Hindi dubbed movies

The homepage of Filmywap is well known for presenting its content right on the top of the page, making it easier for viewers to interact and request their go-to movies. Thus new films are pushed to the top of the page for new users to see and download files quickly.

Another advantage is that the simple interface would not cause any trouble for newcomers to use. You can look for the content of the site, or download movies at a much quicker speed than other streaming sites.

One thing to mention is that the site has to change its domain name from Filmy4wap into Filmywap for illegal issues, so make sure that you get the right website when clicking the link.

3. Bolly4u

You are looking for the better alternatives for 9xmovies, Bolly4u will not let you down. The positive side that makes a worthy try is that movies are arranged in genres.

Unlike 9xmovies, where you have to search for the movies’ name, Bolly4u’s movies are displayed in order, and your job is to select and navigate the one that you like to watch.


Bolly4u has a friendly and simple interface

Same as the 2 platforms above, Bolly4u offers dubbed movies, not much but enough to watch. This helps you to understand the movies without even caring about the language. In contrast, this platform does not provide descriptions, which is something you may consider whether to visit the site or not.


We have just shown you some significant features of 9xmovies.

We highly recommend paying the money on a legal platform to get high-quality movies without getting into any trouble. Free streaming sites can be convenient, but you can stand accused of abetting the bad one. Remember that you are not encouraged to go for illegal websites!


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